AHCC Research

Benefits Based on Research

Various clinical trials conducted since 1987 in Japan have demonstrated AHCC's ability to support immune function and response. Research conducted at Hokkaido University, Kyorin University and Teikyo University, as well as clinical studies conducted in the United States at Columbia University, University of California, Davis, Harvard University's Faulkner Hospital, and the Morehouse School of Medicine reinforce these findings. Gaining the attention of researchers worldwide, the International AHCC Researchers Association was founded to promote further study. Each year, in Sapporo, Japan, AHCC researchers from around the world gather to present their findings and latest research studies at an AHCC Symposium.

Better Health through Quality and Purity - A Smart Decision for Your Health

AHCC is manufactured under GMP standards guaranteeing quality and purity. Extensive laboratory studies have established the safety of AHCC is mild and non-toxic, free of serious side effects and has been safely consumed by tens of thousands since 1987.



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